Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What's in MY purse?

Well I've seen the post of "whats in your purse" before  on other blogs so i decided to do it myself. I didn't get a picture of my purse but right now I am rocking a taupe tote purse that I purchased form Ross for about $14.00.
1. Brush
2. Wide tooth comb (for those nappy days)
3. Small tooth comb
4. White Skull Candy Earphones
5. Cheetah Print make up bag
6. Black make up brush kit my Flirt
7. Wallet
8. Calender
9. Ink Pen
10. Black Cell Phone (Verizon)
11.  Wet Ones
12. Lip stain and Lip gloss
13. Red business car holders

As you can see my purse has the basic essentials.
 What's in YOUR purse?

Stay F.LY.

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