Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Hair

My first attempt of a fishtail braid!

Hi y'all

This summer has been extremely hot especially with this heat wave going on. What do you do to your hair when it's hot? Well braids are definitely in this summer! Usually during the summer the typical braids are twist dreads, micros, and tree braids. This summer the braid styles are mainly goddess braids. center braid bun, and the fish tail braids. There are so many different ways to style these great braids. Every where I look someone is rocking a certain style of braids.  This summer I too have rocked these different styles and have loved it. Later I will post my version of the center braid bun.
Please stay cool in this heat!

What hair styles are you rocking this summer?

                                                                 Stay F.L.Y

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What's in MY purse?

Well I've seen the post of "whats in your purse" before  on other blogs so i decided to do it myself. I didn't get a picture of my purse but right now I am rocking a taupe tote purse that I purchased form Ross for about $14.00.
1. Brush
2. Wide tooth comb (for those nappy days)
3. Small tooth comb
4. White Skull Candy Earphones
5. Cheetah Print make up bag
6. Black make up brush kit my Flirt
7. Wallet
8. Calender
9. Ink Pen
10. Black Cell Phone (Verizon)
11.  Wet Ones
12. Lip stain and Lip gloss
13. Red business car holders

As you can see my purse has the basic essentials.
 What's in YOUR purse?

Stay F.LY.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weight Loss!!

Hi Guys,
Today July 10, 2012 I started my weight loss journey. Ive tried many of times to loose weight but this time I came to the conclusion that I must do it.I don't want to be skinny but I want to be healthy. I will not be giving up (totally) on my favorite foods but I will be cutting back and watching my portions. Here are some foods that I will be limiting or giving up:
Drinks and juices with sugar
White bread
Red Meat
Fried food
Junk Food
Sweets (my ultimate favorite)

I will be replacing those items with:
Whole Wheat
Baked foods
Healthy snacks

I will be exercising 1 hour and 30 minutes everyday  except Sunday's.If you are on your quest for weight loss please don't give up. I know this journey will be rough but with self control and prayer I will be able to do it.

Stay F.L.Y

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July!!

Whats up guys! I hope you all enjoyed your Fourth Of July, I surely did!! Well here is a Fly Fit that I wore on the 4th.

Fly Fit
Shirt: Forever 21 (plus size)
Shorts: Trifted
Braclets: Multicolor (moms)
Red&Silver (mall vendor)
Earings: Random


Stay F.L.Y

BBQ Season!

Whats up guys!  On fourth of July eve my boo suprised me to see some fireworks and im Not a fireworks peroson but I enjoyed myself!

Add caption
I let my shoe be the statement piece so I didn't wear much jewelry. I love these shoes from Urban OG.  I bought these Pink and Cheetah print wedges last summer and only wore them a couple of times.
The festivities at the firwork show was great. They had food, games, and a live band. They had the normal summer/carnavial food but one thing that was different was the crepes.
Ceasar Chicken
Overall the Firework show was amazaing even  though my ears were covered lol!

                                                              Fly Fit
                                                              Shirt: Delila's
                                                              Shorts: Old Navy
                                                               Shoes: Urban Og

Stay F.L.Y

Monday, July 2, 2012

BET Awards Recap!!

Hello...so last night was the BET awards 2012 and in all honesty it was ok..cool but not the best.  The opening with Sameul L. Jackson and Spike Lee was good and the tribute to Whitney Houston was AWESOME. Im glad they chose Monica and Brandy to perfome.Oh and  her mother took me there!!!. They could have kept that Chris Brown performance..Sorry.On the fashion side of things there were alot of hits and misses in that department. Yellow was defitantly a huge color for the night. Here are a few of  my fashion favs of the night.
All that yellow!

She looks great!!

I like her outftit but her hair is not doing it for me.
It kinda looks like a cheap wig.
What was she thinking!!! Fire your stylist!
She looks like an overgrown OMG Girl!

 Remeber I told you all about the BET party my friends and I have every year?! Well this year was no different. We don't do anything big just food, drinks and great convo!  I brought 2 of my oldest nieces with me so they could get in on the action. I really didnt snap alot of pics but here is one!
Just a few of us!

Stay F.L.Y