Monday, July 2, 2012

BET Awards Recap!! last night was the BET awards 2012 and in all honesty it was but not the best.  The opening with Sameul L. Jackson and Spike Lee was good and the tribute to Whitney Houston was AWESOME. Im glad they chose Monica and Brandy to perfome.Oh and  her mother took me there!!!. They could have kept that Chris Brown performance..Sorry.On the fashion side of things there were alot of hits and misses in that department. Yellow was defitantly a huge color for the night. Here are a few of  my fashion favs of the night.
All that yellow!

She looks great!!

I like her outftit but her hair is not doing it for me.
It kinda looks like a cheap wig.
What was she thinking!!! Fire your stylist!
She looks like an overgrown OMG Girl!

 Remeber I told you all about the BET party my friends and I have every year?! Well this year was no different. We don't do anything big just food, drinks and great convo!  I brought 2 of my oldest nieces with me so they could get in on the action. I really didnt snap alot of pics but here is one!
Just a few of us!

Stay F.L.Y

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