Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weight Loss!!

Hi Guys,
Today July 10, 2012 I started my weight loss journey. Ive tried many of times to loose weight but this time I came to the conclusion that I must do it.I don't want to be skinny but I want to be healthy. I will not be giving up (totally) on my favorite foods but I will be cutting back and watching my portions. Here are some foods that I will be limiting or giving up:
Drinks and juices with sugar
White bread
Red Meat
Fried food
Junk Food
Sweets (my ultimate favorite)

I will be replacing those items with:
Whole Wheat
Baked foods
Healthy snacks

I will be exercising 1 hour and 30 minutes everyday  except Sunday's.If you are on your quest for weight loss please don't give up. I know this journey will be rough but with self control and prayer I will be able to do it.

Stay F.L.Y

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  1. Good luck on your weight loss journey girly