Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hi Guys, FINALLY I have a successful DIY project to share. Ive really been admiring these head pieces alot of people have been rocking this summer.

I decided to try it myself since I've seen so many tutorials on YouTube. My creation didn't come out perfect but It did come out rather nice. I decided to wear it to a baby shower and received alot of compliments.

Excuse my niece in the back sleep lol.

I got the chain from Micheal's for about $4. It wasn't the exact chain I wanted but it still worked out.

Stay F.L.Y.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hi Guys,
This is a quick post! I just wanted to say hello. I will be posting a DIY post  ( I told ya'll im not going to stop trying) and hopefully some outfit post and a recipe! Oh before I go yesterday was my Alma Mater Centennial Birthday (June 19,1912)

Photo: Representing to the fullest #Tsu100
I was repping my Alma Mater to the FULLEST lol
If anyone knows me they know I go hard for my school...My blood runs BLUE!
Anyway I'm going to the beauty shop tomorrow and that will be an all day process so I hope you all have a great rest of the week!!!!

Stay F.L.Y

Friday, June 15, 2012

F.L.Y Fit Post

Hey guys,
 This is my first ever outfit post. I took a spare of the moment trip to St. Louis, Missouri. I had a great time and this is what I wore on the way there!
Blouse: Forever21

Jeans: Old Navy

Shoes: Steve Madden Sandals via Bakers

Braclet: Mall Vendor (Queen V)

Earings: Mulitcolor and Gold via Forever 21

Lets roll!!

What does your traveling outfit look like?

Stay F.LY


DIY Diaster!!

I  watch the Do It Yourself (DIY) videos  on YouTube all the time so I decided to try it myself. Um Yea big mistake lol! I'm not necessarily the creative person but I just had try it my self. I tried the denim cut off shorts and it came out sooo wrong. I'm not going to give up though. So far I've done the denim jeans into shorts, the t-shirt into a tank top and a tank top with a creative back design. Lets hope one day my creative juices start to flow!

My first attempt! Lord help me lol!

This is my sister DIY distressed shorts. So much better than mine!

How was your first attempt?

Stay F.L.Y

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Do you Like you?

Hi Guys,This will be a really quick post. I just felt like telling my story. Ive been plus-size all my life and I thought I've always had confidence. I believed I always carried myself in a decent way and all that good stuff. From the outside you would think I was plus Size and loving it but that was Not how I was feeling on the inside. I was a wreck on the inside. No matter if it was shopping, looking on facebook, or viewing a blog, seeing other people dress nice and owning their look sadden me because all I wanted to do was feel on the inside the way I looked on the outside. I had to come to a conclusion and tell myself that if I wanted to be Full Figured and F.L.Y that I had to FIRST LOVE MYSELF (inside and out)!!!! I had to dig deep but I was able to do it. I said all of that to say regardless of how you look, how people portray you, your size, race, or whatever before anyone can love you, you have to First. Love. Yourself.!!

Have a great Weekend!

Stay F.L.Y.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Embrace your FAT!

Hi Everyone! I hope you all have enjoyed your week...My week was ok. Ive been job hunting and BOY am I tired of filling out applications ugh! Anyway, I ran across some sexy pictures on Tumblr and it made me think......

Seeing pictures like this make me wonder why all plus size women don't embrace their curvy body like on this Picture? Yes, even I cant stand to look at my extra fat sometimes but that extra fat is apart of who I am and we (as plus size queens) should embrace and flaunt what we have. Im definitely going to take some very sexy pictures and flaunt what my momma gave me lol!!! Would you plus size gals out there take nude or revealing pictures??

Have a Great Weekend!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Blog (and Life) Inspirations!!

Hello Peeps! I'm just now starting a blog and I'm already taking breaks! Sorry y'all. OK so I am new to this blogging world and I have no clue what I'm doing. The reason I started this blog was to express myself, give inspiration, and just be me!I was inspired by other blogs (mainly plus-size blogs) to start my own. Here are some blogs that inspired me and these are my favorite top 3! 1. aFATgirlsBLUES..... Linda is such a great inspiration and such a Fierce dresser.Linda is the Bomb.Com 2.Diary of a Fathionista Mia of this HOT blog is one to watch. From her shoe game to her purse game the girl is pure FABULOUS! 3.Beauty Fash The Curvy Chronicles This is the first blog I EVER came across. Lexy is one HOT MOMMA! This wife and mother of two blog is filled with outfit post, beauty post, and recipes! All three blogs are great and award winning. Please go check them out and tell them Full Figured Fly sent ya!