Thursday, June 14, 2012

Do you Like you?

Hi Guys,This will be a really quick post. I just felt like telling my story. Ive been plus-size all my life and I thought I've always had confidence. I believed I always carried myself in a decent way and all that good stuff. From the outside you would think I was plus Size and loving it but that was Not how I was feeling on the inside. I was a wreck on the inside. No matter if it was shopping, looking on facebook, or viewing a blog, seeing other people dress nice and owning their look sadden me because all I wanted to do was feel on the inside the way I looked on the outside. I had to come to a conclusion and tell myself that if I wanted to be Full Figured and F.L.Y that I had to FIRST LOVE MYSELF (inside and out)!!!! I had to dig deep but I was able to do it. I said all of that to say regardless of how you look, how people portray you, your size, race, or whatever before anyone can love you, you have to First. Love. Yourself.!!

Have a great Weekend!

Stay F.L.Y.

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