Friday, August 3, 2012

Get to know me!

Hi Guys!
I wanted to answer some random questions about myself so that you guys could get to know me. I had no clue what questions to answer but I lucked up on some questions over at Random Bites of a Sweet Life. Here goes:
1. Reality Tv
2. Paige best friend since 5th grade and My boyfriend
3.April 30th
4. Relaxed
5. Dogs and Horses
6. Berstine Bears (Don't Judge me lol)
7. Blue & Purple
9. Desserts
10. Mom, Sisters & Bf
11. Dad & Boyfrend
12. Moma's Family and All Atlanta Reality shows
13. A lot of things but Im working on them!
14. Do you know Guy Lee? You know, once you get that high bill you say " Guyyy Lee"
15. My Neice Kaylan
16. Blogging
17. Random guy friend
18. I want to be on Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta one day.
19. In a realtionship with a guy that I met in Jr. High for the past 3 yrs
20.None!!!!! As of yet
21.One of my Boyfriend close relatives that passed away about a month ago. He really made me feel comfortable when I first met the family.
22. When people are late
23. Planning events and College football (HBCU Style)
24. A BMW!
25. My friend Linda
26. My Boyfriend
27. The South
28. Sense of humor and church goer
29.  Wake up, Sit up and turn on the tv, think about what I need/want to do that day, call boyfriend to see what he has planned then let the rest flow
30. Too much  about 200 and something ( currently on a diet)
If you want to know anything else about me just ask and if it's not Too personal I'll be gladely to anser.

Stay F.L.Y



  1. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thanks! I have a friend by e-mail an this has helped me a lot :)