Monday, August 13, 2012

Hi Guys! Right now I am trying to come up with more post ideas. Since I do not have a high tech camera to upload with its harder for me to upload pictures and videos. I want to do a clothing haul on some items I just purchased but If I can't get that together then its back to the drawing board for me. Most of the blogs I follow are fashion blogs. The majority of them do OOTD, make up and hair tutorials and things of that nature. Don't get me wrong I love fashion(especially Plus Size) make up and hair but I'm not an expert or guru in that area so my post won't always consist of that. I really want my blog to be great  so I am going to reevaluate my ideas and come back with something bigger and better!
OK I told you all about a positive challenge I was going to do and I did it last week but I'm not sure if I will keep posting it. This is what I did.

Day 1: Call and Check on someone.
I decided to check on my cousin Destiny and to find out her mom was sick so she was happy I contacted her to just check on her.

Day 2: Txt a short txt to the first 5 people in your phone.
I did that and 3 people responded and I had a good convo with 2 of them

Day 3: Write down 5 things that made you happy throughout the day.
1.Picked up my nieces from school on the first day
2. Went grocery shopping for healthy food
3.Confirmed my apartment rental!!!
4. Hilarious conversation with my mom
5. Made a chicken fajita that was very yummy

Day 4: Read a daily proverb for the day
I read 1 Peter 2:24

Day 5: Smile while talking to people. ( Even while txting)
The only problem I had with this is remembering to do it. But I did lol!

This challenge made my week better!

Stay F.L.Y

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