Thursday, July 5, 2012

BBQ Season!

Whats up guys!  On fourth of July eve my boo suprised me to see some fireworks and im Not a fireworks peroson but I enjoyed myself!

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I let my shoe be the statement piece so I didn't wear much jewelry. I love these shoes from Urban OG.  I bought these Pink and Cheetah print wedges last summer and only wore them a couple of times.
The festivities at the firwork show was great. They had food, games, and a live band. They had the normal summer/carnavial food but one thing that was different was the crepes.
Ceasar Chicken
Overall the Firework show was amazaing even  though my ears were covered lol!

                                                              Fly Fit
                                                              Shirt: Delila's
                                                              Shorts: Old Navy
                                                               Shoes: Urban Og

Stay F.L.Y

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